Security overview


“Put 360’s security know-how to work in your business and reduce the risk of data loss, downtime and security-breaches.”

360 offers a range of security services:

  • Firewall perimeter security: Stop intruders and malware before it gets to your network.
  • Network monitoring: Detect and prevent network intruders, data leaks and unusual traffic.
  • Proactive support: Be certain your computers and servers and patched and up to date.
  • Email malware and content filtering: Block malware, spam and inappropriate content from reaching you and your staff.
  • Business continuity: Ensuring that critical systems run smoothly.
  • Disaster recovery: Ready for the most serious problems with backups, standby offices and resilient systems.

Stay ahead of security threats

The worst security breach in a small business costs, on average, £65,000 or more. Hackers, malware writers, criminals and sometimes even malicious or negligent employees can pose a clear and present threat to your business. We help reduce the risk.

360 is your partner in IT security

  • Experience: We specialise in helping businesses in Cambridge and the surrounding area protect their confidential data, customer records and business assets.
  • Technology: We are vendor-neutral and partner with only the best vendors to offer the appropriate technology tailored to your needs.

Choose an IT support partner that will take the time to understand your business.

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