Business IT Support

IT problems will often sneak up on you when you’re least expecting it. And when they do decide to pop up, they will often be expensive and definitely inconvenient. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone who was able to keep a round-the-clock watch on your infrastructure?

360’s Managed Services give you exactly that. We utilise the most powerful tools in the industry to ensure we spot problems before they become painful. We act to put them right without disrupting your business.

Here at 360, we offer a variety of IT support solutions for businesses in Cambridgeshire, ranging from telephone support to fully-managed IT. We provide you with exactly what your business needs to succeed:

  • Managed Services: From Server through to Network and Desktop, we offer three tiers of support, designed to give you exactly what you need, all packaged into one predictable monthly cost.
  • Database Support: Monitoring and management of mission-critical database systems.
  • Outsourcing: We can act as your outsourced IT department, taking care of everything or sharing the load with your in-house resources.
  • Professional Services: We can help you tackle the most complex IT projects with confidence.

Why Choose 360?

We work with you to increase the productivity of your business by implementing the IT you need and keeping it running the way it should.

Everything we do, we do it well, allowing you to focus on your business.

360group IT managed services give you:

Better infrastructure health. We like to prevent any issues that occur, prevention is better than a cure and by monitoring and proactively fixing issues in your IT infrastructure before they develop into something major, 360 helps to ensure the longevity of your IT investments and the efficiency and consistency of the IT environment your employees use every day.

Improved uptimes (and reduced losses). Many IT problems build up over time and unless you know what to look for and are constantly looking, they won’t show themselves until it is just simply too late. Problems mean downtime, unhappy employees and customers and inevitable business losses. A proactive approach resolves incidents before they become very expensive crises.

Optimised environment. Monitoring your IT estate doesn’t just mean that you’re able to see any upcoming problems – it also means you can see where there’s room for improvement. 360 helps you understand what your network is doing and how your systems are interacting with one another, so you’re able to make sure it is doing exactly what your business needs.

Better insight. With monitoring records, we are able to spot common problems and analyse the best way to improve your IT. Monitoring your estate means your better informed and in the best possible position to develop an IT strategy that is going to adjust your businesses needs and requirements.

Choose an IT support partner that will take the time to understand your business.

Call 01480 273000 to discuss your customised IT support package or email